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Smocked celebrates the creativity within each child. Our art and sensory play classes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of children and their caregivers. Our signature 45-minute class combines art, sensory play, and play dough experiences that change on a weekly basis while maintaining a predictable structure and routine to help young children learn to transition between activities.


We love watching your children develop their confidence and abilities and our classes are a perfect way to do that.

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Class Scedule

Smocked founder Rachel Silver served as an elementary art teacher in Miami for 8 years before starting Smocked.


With a Masters in Art Education from FIU and a bachelor's degree from the University of Miami she knew she was uniquely qualified to develop art programs that families would LOVE.

Rachel saw the need for art curriculum and sensory exposure at an early age and designed classes to help children socialize, engage in art making, and learn valuable skills for the future.

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